Pavese Festival 2020

he 20th edition of the Pavese Festival, celebrating the 70th anniversary of Pavese’s death and of the publication of The Moon and the Bonfires, took place in Santo Stefano Belbo on Friday 4, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September 2020. The Festival opened with artist Davide “Boosta” Di Leo – Subsonica co-founder – presenting his latest album Boostology. On Saturday afternoon, Sardinian writer Marcello Fois accompanied by musician Gavino Murgia, presented his interpretation of some of the Dialogues with Leucò, whereas in the evening actor Neri Marcorè read The Moon and the Bonfires accompanied by musician Domenico Mariorenzi. The Festival went on with a tribute in music and words by artist Omar Pedrini and closed with actor Andrea Bosca performing Anguilla in The Moon and the Bonfires. For the entire month of September, the Church of Saints James and Christopher hosted Tina Cosmai’s photo-exhibit dedicated to the Pavesian places, which was inaugurated at the Festival opening.