Fondazione Cesare Pavese was established with the following goals:

  • To collect, classify, publish and preserve bibliographic materials, manuscripts, letters, speeches and other materials of Cesare Pavese; 
  • To carry out and promote study, research, training and documentation activities around the life and works of Cesare Pavese;
  • To institute grants, competitions, scholarships and prizes for dissertations and critical essays on the work of Cesare Pavese and on the 20th-century Italian literature; 
  • To collaborate to the management of the “Cesare Pavese” Public Library in collaboration with the Municipality of Santo Stefano Belbo;
  • To support the publication of magazines and didactical and documentation material, also in digital form, aimed at a deeper understanding of the literary work of the writer, within the context he lived and worked in; 
  • To promote the reprinting of the works of Cesare Pavese, the publication of critical essays and monographs, the setting-up of figurative representations of his works, including the publication of related catalogues; 
  • To encourage any national or international cultural, artistic or didactical initiative suitable to manage the cultural legacy of Cesare Pavese; 
  • To organize and promote initiatives aimed to enhance the reading and writing of scientifically and artistically valuable texts related to the literary role and the works of Cesare Pavese, also including the culture of the Langhe and their territory.