Fondazione Cesare Pavese is located in Santo Stefano Belbo in Piazza Ciriotti, 1 (formerly Piazza Confraternita).

Its premises include the adjacent Church of Saints James and Christopher, turned into a 100-seat auditorium, and the local Public Library. It also houses the Pavese Museum, in its new interactive version, and a 60-seat conference room, both at the second floor. The top floor of the Foundation serves as a guesthouse for students and scholars from all over the world. 

The Church permanently hosts a series of five large canvas (200cm x 300 cm) by Milanese artist Ernesto Treccani (1920-2009). The paintings are dedicated to The Moon and the Bonfires and were donated by the artist to the Municipality of Santo Stefano Belbo. The preliminary sketches are displayed in the conference room: one of them still bears the marks of the 1994 flood as an everlasting memory of that tragic event. Outside the Church, visitors can admire the sculpture “La vigna dei libri” (the vineyard of books) donated to Fondazione Cesare Pavese by Piedmontese artist Tino Aime on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Pavese’s birth. 

The same room also holds several volumes by Pavese’s critics, newspaper articles, dissertations, essays and translations from all over the world.