The Pavese Prize 2020

In addition to the sections dedicated to Publishing, Non-fiction and Translation, the 2020 edition of the Prize included a new section for Fiction and, consequently, a new judge (Chiara Fenoglio). This completes the range of areas that the event encompasses, in homage to the many activities to which Cesare Pavese devoted himself. The winners of the Pavese Prize 2020 are Eraldo Affinati (fiction), Renata Colorni (publishing),  Anna Nadotti (translation), Elton Prifti and Wolfgang Schweickard (non-fiction)

As a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Pavese’s death, occurring in 2020, the Prize visual was commissioned to artist Paolo Galetto, who chose to portray Pavese from behind, as a child flying over his hills towards the sea on a leaf-shaped magic carpet. Watch the video-interview

This year we also launched the Pavese Prize for Schools, inviting high-school students to reflect on the main themes of the novel The Moon and the Bonfires, on the 70th anniversary of its publication, as a way to bring Pavese closer to youth through a personal interpretation of his works. 

The Pavese Prize 2020 took place in a reduced closed-door format due to Covid-19 restrictions on Sunday 25 October 2020. 

Paolo Galetto per Fondazione Cesare Pavese 2020