The Mora farm

Announced by majestic pines, in contrast with the few fruit trees of the Gaminella lodge, and by a profusion of flowers, the Mora farm lies “in the rich plain beyond the Belbo”. Life here was completely different. In the large house, servants and day labourers used to live together with the master and his daughters: “The Mora farm was an entire world to me… as busy as America. People coming and going, working and talking…”. 

The harvest was rich and fed everyone, besides ensuring a certain amount of wealth to the master’s family. The estate, too, was quite vast: “… the lands of the Mora farm went from the Belbo plain to the middle of the hill, and I, used as I was to the Gaminella vineyard where Padrino was enough, was confused by so many animals, and crops, and faces”. 


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