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Cesare Pavese a New York

The IMAFestival International Art contest on Food and Migration migrates to New York.

On Monday, June 18th the American audience will get to know the winners in the Literature and Film categories: Heba Madkour, whose work “Straniera a casa mia” was awarded ‘Best Short Story’ and Fran Guijarro, director of “Mexican Cuisine”, the documentary that won ‘Best Film’. In addition, two more short films selected among the finalists will be screened: “Insula” by Eric Alexander and “Senza Aggiunta di Conservanti” by Maria Tilli.

The conference “Writers & Translators. How a Bestseller becomes International." will follow.
Participating Speakers:
GIORGIO FALETTI, Italian writer
ANTONY SHUGAAR, American translator
LUIGI ICARDI, President of the Cesare Pavese Foundation
PIERLUIGI VACCANEO, Director of the Cesare Pavese Foundation
ROSSELLA CANAVERI, Italian writer and IMAFestival Committee Director
Excerpt Reading by:
ELENA MARIA MANZINI, IMAFestival Committee Director and lawyer

The conference is meant to spark discussion and encourage conversation about key issues regarding the dissemination of contemporary literature; unfortunately a rarely discussed topic especially regarding translation. Translators such as the great writer Cesare Pavese were once highly regarded, but today the importance of the role of the translator is rarely acknowledged or publicized. Everyone knows the name of at least a couple of international writers, almost nobody can name the translators of important works. This phenomenon is counterproductive to the whole literary world and the movement of novels, which, if not well translated, lose quality and essentially differ from the original book.

Food & beverage generously provided by IMAFestival sponsors will be served.