Fondazione Cesare Pavese regularly hosts exhibitions and installations of national and international artists in the Church of the Saints James and Christopher. Admission to all events is free. 

Permanent exhibition

To live is to begin 

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Cesare Pavese’s death, in 2020 we launched a call for artists to celebrate his quest for life and constant search for identity. The 20 shortlisted art posters – inspired by Pavese’s sentence “The only joy in the world is to begin. To live is beautiful because to live is to begin, always, at any given time” – are now permanently displayed in the Foundation hall. 

Past exhibitions

Garbellotto - Rete frattale16 October 2020 – 22 November 2020: Fernando Garbellotto, Spazi d’esperienza
In Garbellotto’s research, inspired by the fractal theory, the canvas – torn in strips and knotted in a tridimensional and potentially endless game of light and shadow, empty and full spaces – turns from mere pictorial support into the protagonist of the work. The originating net becomes a metaphor for the history of life on Earth, the evolution of knowledge and the interconnectedness of all beings.

this must be the place26 September 2020 – 11 October 2020: This must be the place
A multidisciplinary installation on body and movement in a changing world. Performance, video, photography and writing: four languages and four artists engage in a dialogue on running, movement, choices and imagination. But also on the interconnection and mutual relationship between mankind and nature, thought and matter, abstract and concrete, life and death. Works by: Valentina Cei, Davide Fasolo, Silvia Pastore and Jimmy Rivoltella.

Tina Cosmai - Pavese Festival 2020

4 September 2020 – 23 September 2020: Tina Cosmai, La luna e i falò. Cesare Pavese, l’infanzia il paesaggio il ritorno 
A black and white photographic journey inspired by the places and landscapes of Pavese’s last novel, The Moon and the Bonfires. Images from Cosmai’s imagination – triggered by the vision of Pavese’s land – are superimposed on the scenery creating a surreal and metaphysical effect. All pictures are shot at wintertime, to enhance the strength and the essence of the landscape: a bare, genuine land.


Missive 2017 - Nina Haab5 December 2019 – 24 January 2020: Nina Haab, Il molteplice ridiventa uno
Swiss artist Nina Haab explores the theme of memory and the meaning of remembrance; changing and fading identities; historical changes; the fine line between truth and memory, imagination and dream. For Haab defining the truth is not that important: what fascinates her is to understand the internal mechanisms that guide our interpretation of what we perceive as true. 


15 November 2019 – 1 December 2019: Massimo Bertolini, Radici condivise
Through his sculptures, also inspired by literary imagery, Tuscan artist Massimo Bertolini investigates the expressive potential of various beloved materials: bronze, marble, iron, weathering steel, wood and polychrome terracotta.

31 August 2019 – 22 September 2019: Massimo Ricci: Segno e racconto
Sign and storytelling are the two sides of an ideal hill where Piedmontese artist Massimo Ricci’s painting has been walking for a while. The sign represents the language. The storytelling represents his vital need to look for the essence of things.