Pavese Festival

The next edition of the Pavese Festival will take place in Santo Stefano Belbo from Monday 2 to Monday 9 September 2024, enriched by a series of side events throughout the summer and the winter. The festival will be accompanied by the Pavese Prize, scheduled on Friday 13 September. This year’s theme – Vivere senza scrivere non vivo (I can’t live without writing) – is taken from one of Cesare Pavese’s last letters, to underline the permanent union of literature and life that marked his entire professional and personal journey. The complete program will be announced in late July. This edition’s image was created by Turin-based artist Francesco Lopomo. 

The 2023 edition

The Pavese Festival 2023 took place from Tuesday 5 to Saturday 16 in Santo Stefano Belbo, featuring a series of side events, both locally and across Italy. Last year’s edition ended in New York on 27 September with a celebration of Cesare Pavese’s passion for American literature and culture. For the first time, the Pavese Festival was paired with the Pavese Prize for an all-round homage to the writer, poet, publisher, translator and critic. 

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The Festival over the years

The Pavese Festival was launched in 2001 as a tribute to Cesare Pavese in his hometown. Mixing music, art, theatre and literature, our Festival invites prominent guests from the Italian literary and music scene to explore Pavese’s themes and works in Santo Stefano BelboThroughout the years, our Festival has turned into an event not just for Pavese’s enthusiasts but also for visitors of a unique vineyard landscape, acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. Taking place in September close to Cesare Pavese‘s birthday, who was born here on 9 September 1908 – our Festival offers in fact the chance to discover the Langhe in a key season: the grape harvest.

Among the big names of its 22 editions Avion TravelLuca BarbareschiAndrea BoscaBoostaEzio BossoCanzoniere Grecanico SalentinoVinicio CaposselaColapesce & DimartinoCristina DonàMarcello FoisAlessandro HaberFiorella MannoiaNeri MarcorèFederico MecozziMusica NudaLaura MorantePacificoOmar PedriniMichele PlacidoAlessandro PreziosiEnrico Rava, just to mention a few. 

Pavese Festival 2022 (ph. Fabjo Hazizaj, Chiara Sacchetto)

Pavese Festival 2021 (ph. Eunice Brovida, Fabjo Hazizaj)

Pavese Festival 2020 (ph. Andrea Icardi)

Pavese Festival 2019 (ph. Claudio Marchini)

Pavese Festival 2018 (ph. Claudio Marchini)