The Pavese Festival

The Pavese Festival was launched in 2001 as an annual festival celebrating the writer in his hometown. During the Pavese Festival key representatives of the Italian music, theatre and cultural scene relate to Cesare Pavese in a unique and intimate dialogue among people, literature, arts and the eternal hills so loved by the writer. The initiative is acknowledged as one of the three main events of the province of Cuneo.

The Pavese Festival 2022 will take place in Santo Stefano Belbo from 8 to 11 September and, for the first time, also in Brancaleone – the village in Calabria where Cesare Pavese was confined between 1935 and 1936 – on 17 September

Previous editions

Pavese Festival 2020 - sito

Pavese Festival 2020

This edition’s guests: Davide “Boosta” Dileo, Marcello Fois with Gavino Murgia, Neri Marcorè with Domenico Mariorenzi, Omar Pedrini, Andrea Bosca.

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Pavese Festival 2019

Among the guests: Grecanico Salentino Canzoniere, Federico Mecozzi, Neri Marcorè and Safir Nou, Enrico Rava and Andrea Pozza, Cristiano Godano, Pacifico

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