The Pavese Museum

The Pavese Museum is located at the second floor of Fondazione Cesare Pavese and was inaugurated in 2019. It is made up of memorabilia, interactive installations and a series of video-projections introducing the private and professional life of Cesare Pavese. At the end of 2022 it was redesigned with the inauguration of a new room, Dialoghi (dialogues) that – along with the copy of Dialogues with Leucò where the writer wrote his last message – houses a series of Pavese’s unpublished material donated by the Molina and Vaudagna families.

Annotated books, letters, manuscripts, newspaper articles with notes and underlinings, postcards, draft short stories that – adequately preserved and promoted thanks to an innovative multimedia set-up – are now available to the public. A big opportunity that makes Fondazione Cesare Pavese a reference point in Italy and the world for the preservation and dissemination of published and unpublished material related to the writer. Read more 

The new room is dedicated to the memory of Maurizio Cossa Majno di Capriglio, Cesare Pavese’s grandnephew and board member of Fondazione Cesare Pavese, who prematurely passed away in February 2022. 

Ph. Manuele Galante

The first room and the third room display a series of books that belonged to the writer, first editions of his works, books with inscriptions and some personal belongings. The second room recalls the key human and professional events in the life of Cesare Pavese, retracing them in the places he crossed. A series of posts along the walls invite the visitor to dive into the works of the writer, reading his most intimate reflections between the lines. The fourth room – Dialoghi – invites to start a dialogue with the work and the poetics of Cesare Pavese, thanks to a new multimedia interactive set-up. This room houses the original copy of Dialogues with Leucò, where the writer left his last sentence before committing suicide. Here the Molina and Vaudagna collections also found a home and, totally digitized, are now available to the public. 

Thanks to the collaboration with the Research Centre “Guido Gozzano-Cesare Pavese” and with the State Archives, the museum also displays a group of panels with the original manuscripts of some of the writer’s works. 

Opening hours and visits

The Museum can be visited autonomously or within one of our guided tours.

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Besides the hours mentioned above, the service is available also from Monday to Friday during our opening hours. Reservations must be made via email through the form below, mentioning the day and the preferred slot (subject to actual availability). 

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