The Pavese museum

The new Pavese Museum is located at the second floor of the Foundation and was inaugurated in 2019. The new design is made of an interactive installation and a series of video-projections introducing the land and life of Cesare Pavese. 

In the first room visitors are invited to explore the landscape loved by the writer, from Santo Stefano Belbo to the hills of the Langa. The second room recalls the key human and professional events in the life of Cesare Pavese, retracing them in the places he crossed. A series of posts along the walls invite the visitor to dive into the works of the writer, reading his most intimate reflections between the lines. The third room is entirely dedicated to Dialogues with Leucò, displaying the original copy where the writer left his last sentence before committing suicide. The fourth room holds a photo exhibition by Mario Dondero and Paolo Smaniotto on the places that marked Pavese’s biography: along with Santo Stefano Belbo and the Langhe, Turin, Rome, Brancaleone Calabro, Casale Monferrato, Serralunga di Crea. Here visitors can also find a series of books belonged to the writer, first editions of his works, books with inscriptions and some of his personal belongings. 

Thanks to the collaboration with the Research Centre “Guido Gozzano-Cesare Pavese” and with the State Archives, the museum also displays a group of panels with the original manuscripts of some of the writer’s works.