Dialogues with Pavese

A themed column curated by Iuri Moscardi that explores Pavese’s world through the eyes of contemporary critique.

Dialogues with Pavese - Iuri MoscardiIuri Moscardi was born in Breno, Val Camonica (Northern Italy), in 1986. During his university studies at Università degli Studi di Milano he got interested in Cesare Pavese, the author he focused on for his BA and MA dissertations. The former was about the decline of the American myth in La luna e i falò. The latter, awarded with the Cesare Pavese Prize 2012, analysed the typewritten text used for the editorial preparation of the first Italian translation of the Spoon River Anthology by Fernanda Pivano. Thanks to the philological analysis of the handwritten corrections, it was eventually possible to retrace the actual role played by Pavese, for which he had never claimed any credit.

He has been living in the USA since 2014, where in 2016 he got a MA in Italian at Indiana University, Bloomington, and where he is now working on his PhD in Comparative Literatures at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. In New York, he teaches Italian at Hunter College and Fordham University. Since 2012, his interest in Pavese has made him approach the social reading experimentations by TwLetteratura and Betwyll, with which he collaborates and that he is studying for his PhD. He published academic papers about Pavese on various journals and periodicals and collaborates with the cultural sections of La Stampa, Giornale di Brescia, Il Foglio, la Lettura and Esquire.