The Pavese Prize

The 40th edition of the Pavese Prize will take place in Santo Stefano Belbo on Sunday 10 September 2023, closing the Pavese Festival. For the first time the two main events that celebrate Cesare Pavese in his hometown are paired, for an all-round tribute to the writer, poet, publisher, translator and critic. 

The Pavese Prize, renewed in 2019, pays homage to the figure of Cesare Pavese with five sections that reflect his multifaceted activity: Fiction (2020), Non-FictionPublishing, Translation, and Poetry (2021). Every year the Prize is collectively assigned by the jury to key figures of the Italian literary and publishing scene who stand out for their dedication, accuracy and innovative approach. The jury is composed of Giulia Boringhieri, Chiara Fenoglio, Gian Arturo Ferrari, Claudio Marazzini, Carlo Ossola, Alberto Sinigaglia and Pierluigi Vaccaneo. 

The Prize also aims to further promote the excellence of our land, from Moscato d’Asti to Alba white truffle, which every year are offered to the winners. Since 2020, the Pavese Prize has been including a special prize for students, who are encouraged to approach the work of Cesare Pavese through their personal interpretation writing a short story or essay on a specific theme. 

The winners of the latest editions

Norman Gobetti (translation), Emilia Lodigiani (publishing), Gavino Ledda (poetry), Ludovica Maconi and Mirko Volpi (non-fiction) and Michele Mari (fiction): here’s the winners of the Pavese Prize 2022 (ph. Manuele Galante).

Antonella Anedda (poetry), Antonio Franchini (fiction), Stefano Mauri (publishing), Tommaso Pincio (translation), Lorenzo Tomasin, Matteo Motolese and Giuseppe Antonelli (non-fiction): here’s the winners of the Pavese Prize 2021Ph. Fabjo Hazizaj

Eraldo Affinati (fiction), Renata Colorni (publishing), Anna Nadotti (translation), Elton Prifti and Wolfgang Schweickard (non-fiction): here’s the winners of the Pavese Prize 2020, held behind closed doors in live streaming due to the pandemic. Ph. Andrea Icardi

Susanna Basso (translation), Giuseppe Patota (non-fiction), Elisabetta Sgarbi (publishing): here’s the winners of the Pavese Prize 2019Ph. Vittorio Santi