Nuto’s house

Nuto’s workshop-house is at the foot of the Salto hill, on the road to Canelli. 

Nuto, whose real name was Pinolo Scaglione, was the protagonist of the novel The Moon And The Bonfires and of the poem Paper Smokers. He was a clarinettist and the local band director. When his father died, however, he had to take care of the family carpenter’s shop, together with his brother. His house, with its wisteria inviting to rest, was a landmark, a gathering place, almost a must-see for people passing by. 

Nuto was a great friend of Pavese, who loved to spend his time with him whenever he came back to town, chatting under the wisteria or walking together on the hills. It was precisely during one of these walks that the idea of the novel took shape. Nuto told the stories he knew, and Pavese listened carefully, taking notes. 

Today, Nuto’s house is an interactive museum, celebrating this great friendship.



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